What is Personality Inventory in All of Its Aspects?

It is an assessment system that allows you to have multidimensional information about and evaluate the personality traits of external candidates or employees of the organization. It is structured in which answers are given according to the degree of closeness to the items of the test, which is designed via Likert scale.

Why Should I Choose Personova?

Personova has a practical system that candidates can complete in about 15-20 minutes and you can rapidly get a report. Personova allows you to make an evaluation based on psychometric data, as it analyses and reports personality through 6 main dimensions and 31 sub-dimensions.

what is personova?

Personality Inventory
Gain Objective Foresight in All Aspects

Examining personality in depth through 6 main dimensions and sub-dimensions
Personova allows you to find the person well suited for the job role.



It expresses the characteristics of planning, calculating risk, careful work, self-discipline.



It indicates the tendency to acquire knowledge, diversify experiences, aesthetic interest, and approach to issues creatively and holistically.

Success Orientation

Success Orientation

It includes information about competitiveness, taking responsibility for decisions, leadership, and self-confidence.



It anticipates one's need to socialise, initiate relationships, accept others, and stand out.

Agreeableness/Interpersonal sensitivity

Interpersonal sensitivity

It gives information about the person's desire to maintain the relationship, conflict management and social sensitivity.

Emotional Adjustment

Emotional Adjustment

It is about coping with stress, regulating emotions, and reactions to experiences.

Does Your Team Have the
Competencies of the New World?

For recruitment and promotions, Personova will enable you to make the best decisions inline with the competences of the 21st century.


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