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When it comes to recruitment and promotions, Personova will enable you to make the best decisions inline with the competences of the 21st century.

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When we started operating in Turkey as Baltas International Group, we provide management consulting, offering expert advice to more than 3000 public, private sector and non-governmental organisations from over 25 different sectors since 1983. We offer original solutions by focusing on 'People and Change', and have firmed our long lasting pole position in the Turkish market by integrating contemporary knowledge with values inherent in Turkish culture.

Our mission is being a pioneer in development and changes whose tangible impact on individuals and organisations can be measured.

We are a leading organisation that aims to achieve organisational and employee effectiveness for observable mindset shift and measurable business results, through leveraging psychology as a solution for human needs and problems of business life.

We offer services that bring the corporate strategy to life, increase performance, design and execute unique projects, and drive change through measuring and improving.

Personova, a modern personality inventory based on scientific foundations, has been developed with our 40 years of experience, expertise, intellectual capital and psychologists who are experts in their fields, and strengthened by academic collaborations. Personova came to life as a result of more than 3 years of work on a large sample population which included only those in employment and no students.

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